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North Country Independent Living
69 N 28th St., Suite 28
Superior, WI 54880
715-392-9118 V/TTY
800-924-1220 V/TTY

Personal Care Main Line: 715-392-2533


Monday-Friday 8:30am-5:00pm


John Nousaine, Executive Director
Ext. 110

Liz Gilbertson, Assistant Director
Ext. 111

Jim Glaeser, Accountant
Ext. 112

Bob Olsgard, Transportation Coordinator
Ext 119 or Cell: 218-390-6451

Russ Stover, Office Assistant
Ext. 115

Sunshine Lemieux, Native American Grant IL Program Coordinator
Ext. 124

Ann Belisle, Native American Grant Independent Living Specialist
Ext. 126 or Cell: 715-817-2350

Katherine Morrisseau, Native American Grant Independent Living Specialist
Ext. 125 or Cell: 715-919-4945

Angie Musolf, Independent Living Specialist
Ext. 116

John Nedden-Durst, Assistive Technology and Benefits Specialist
Ext. 114 or Cell: 218-428-2960

Martha Oie , Grassroots Organizer and Independent Living Specialist
Ext. 113

Dawn Magnuson, Employment & Benefits Specialist
Ext. 117

Rich Skerbitz, Independent Living Specialist
Ext. 120

Don Posh, Independent Living Specialist
Ext. 118 or Cell: 715-919-4932

Jodi Zukowski, Personal Care Staff Coodinator
Ext. 121

Angie Zylka, Personal Care Specialist
Ext. 122

Tara Cohen-Paquette, Personal Care Program Assistant
Ext. 123

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