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North Country Independent Living
69 N 28th St., Suite 28
Superior, WI 54880
715-392-9118 V/TTY
800-924-1220 V/TTY

Personal Care Main Line: 715-392-2533


Monday-Friday 8:30am-5:00pm


Jill Nyberg, Executive Director
Ext. 110

Liz Gilbertson, Assistant Director
Ext. 111

Marnie Christopherson, Accountant
Ext. 112

Russ Stover, Office Assistant
Ext. 115

Sunshine Lemieux, Transportation Coordinator
Ext. 124

Ann Belisle, Native American Grant Independent Living Specialist
Ext. 126 or Cell: 715-817-2350

Angie Musolf, Independent Living Specialist
Ext. 116

John Nedden-Durst, Assistive Technology and Benefits Specialist
Ext. 114 or Cell: 218-428-2960

Martha Oie, Grassroots Organizer and Independent Living Specialist
Ext. 113

Megan Pristash, Employment & Benefits Specialist
Ext. 117

Rich Skerbitz, Independent Living Specialist
Ext. 120

Don Posh, Independent Living Specialist
Ext. 118 or Cell: 715-919-4932

Jodi Zukowski, Personal Care Staff Coodinator
Ext. 121

Angie Zylka, Personal Care Specialist
Ext. 122

Ann Martineau, Personal Care Specialist
Ext. 123

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