Core Services

Information & Referral

North Country Independent Living provides information about disability-related issues, resources and services to people with disabilities, families, professionals and the general public. Staff, the majority of whom are people with disabilities themselves, are available to listen and assist with locating resources and developing strategies for individuals to resolve barriers including, but not limited to the following areas:

  • Housing issues
  • Transportation resources
  • Employment issues
  • Benefits and funding resources
  • Accessibility
  • Discrimination and legal rights
  • Finding adaptive equipment to enhance independent living
  • Community supports and services

Information and Referral services are integral to promoting empowerment for people with disabilities by supporting an individual’s capacity for increasing their independence. An I&R is also the gateway into other services at an ILC. Staff have a wide range of expertise and will follow up – on the phone, in person, and by email or social media – to make sure useful and accurate information and resources are provided.

Peer Support 

We provide support to people with disabilities through the use of staff and trained volunteers who experience similar issues in daily living. Disability related support groups are also offered.

The Certified Peer Specialists goals are to:

Peer Specialists are examples of recovery with experience and training. Consider a rewarding career experience by becoming a Wisconsin Certified Peer Specialist.

Interest in becoming a Peer Specialist, hiring a Peer Specialist, or need to request and employer guidebook?  Please visit for more information.

For further information contact Liz Gilbertson at or 715-392-9118 ext 111

Or visit:

Independent Living Skills Training

Individuals or groups identify a goal or goals that they would like to work on such as:

How to budget

Learning to use/access transportation options

Learn communication skills

Learn self-advocacy

Maintaining personal health

Socialization skills

Finding, maintaining, and applying for housing

Independent Living staff will work with the individual or groups at the North Country office, in their apartment/home or in the community to empower them to achieve their goal or goals.


Consistent with the philosophy of independent living, persons with disabilities are taught to advocate for themselves. In addition, ILCs can engage in activities designed to affect positive change in local, state, and federal systems affecting persons with disabilities.


Transition Services

Defined as educational activities and supports designed to assist students with disabilities to reach measurable postsecondary goals. The determination of specific transition service needs stems from individual results of various age-appropriate transition assessments.

Services include but are not limited to:


 Related services

Community experiences

Acquisition of daily living skills

Development of employment and other post-school adult living objectives

Additional Services

Assistive Technology

Public Education


Fee for Service


Personal Care

North Country Independent Living provides a wide variety of Services and Programs for people with disabilities in Ashland, Bayfield, Burnett, Douglas, Iron, Price, Sawyer and Washburn Counties.

County Map of the State of Wisconsin

Map provided courtesy of Independent Living Council of Wisconsin Used by permission.


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