WisLoan –
Helping people with disabilities to purchase assistive technology.

Do you need to buy equipment to help you live more independently?

What is WisLoan?
WisLoan is a statewide, low interest loan program that allows a Wisconsin resident with a disability to purchase assistive technology or make home modifications so that he or she can live more independently or productively.

Will Everyone Be Able to Get a Loan?
No You must have a good likelihood of repaying the loan. WisLoan looks at your income compared with debt, stability in residence, job, and credit history.

Parents of a child with a disability are encouraged to apply.

What Can I Buy with the Loans?
“Assistive technology” is equipment that helps a person with a disability to live more independently and productively.

Examples of Assistive Technology:
bullet Wheelchairs and motorized scooters
bullet Hearing Aids
bullet Magnifiers and other visual aids
bullet Computers with modifications
bullet Control/switches for lights, doors, and appliances
bullet Vehicles with lifts or hand controls

You can also use WisLoan to make certain modifications to your home.

Examples of home modifications:
bullet Kitchen redesign
bullet Roll-in showers or other bathroom modifications
bullet Widening doorways
bullet Ramps and home accessibility modifications

What if my credit record is poor or I don’t have a job?
Your application is reviewed on the basis of your ability to make the monthly payments to pay back the loan. Your Social Security, disability, or retirement benefits are taken into consideration.

Some applicants will be denied, but WisLoan’s criteria are more flexible than most bank loans.

How much money can I borrow?
Generally, you can borrow between $1,000 and $35,000. You may apply for the amount you need, but actual loan amounts will depend on the item purchased and your ability to repay.

How do I apply or get more information?
Contact your local Independent Living Center, or if you live in the counties of Ashland, Bayfield, Burnett, Douglas, Iron, Price, Sawyer or Washburn in Wisconsin, contact:

North Country Independent Living
69 N 28th St., Suite 28, Superior, WI 54880
715-392-9118 v/tty or 800-924-1220 v/tty


Patti Kraemer, WisLoan Coordinator at Independence First
414-226-8306 v/tty or 877-463-3778

WisLoan is a federally-funded project of the National Institute for Disablity and Rehabilitation Research (NIDRR), U.S. Department of Education under P.L. 105-394, The Assistive Technology Act of 1998 Grant No. H224C010017.

WisLoan is provided as a cooperative service of the Wisconsin Department of Health and Family Services, IndependenceFirst, and M&I Marshall & Ilsley Bank.