Fee for Service

North Country Independent Living provides the following services on a fee for service (FFS) basis to individuals with disabilities in Ashland, Bayfield, Burnett, Douglas, Iron, Price, Sawyer and Washburn counties.

Independent Living Assessment

Independent Living staff conduct Independent Living assessments that identify an individual’s strengths and barriers to independent living. The assessment includes conversations with the individual, parents/guardians, and other service providers as well as observations in the home and community.  A variety of daily living areas affected by a physical/sensory disability; I.E. safety, communication, food preparation, household tasks, personal care/grooming, etc.  are included.  A written assessment document is provided at the conclusion of the assessment process.  The Independent Living Assessment is provided on a fee-for-service basis.

Accessibility Assessment

Provide onsite evaluation/assessment of architectural barriers/home environment to increase accessibility of consumer’s home. Services include: identification of consumers needs, home accessibility review, development of written summary for home modifications including drawn plans for recommendations and interior and exterior accessibility elements.

Technology Assessments

Provide onsite evaluation of consumer’s environment for barriers to activities of daily living including communication, self-care, mobility, vision, hearing, etc. Services include recommendations on assistive devices and adaptive equipment to reduce and/or eliminate identified barriers. Develop written summary with recommendations listing potential vendors and/or suppliers.


Assist young adults with disabilities in moving toward economic and social self-sufficiency through the development of skills, abilities and practical experience. Training areas include:
socialization, health care issues, housing, homemaking, transportation, financial management, cooking, sexuality, community resources, employment, post-secondary education, recreation and leisure, advocacy, disability awareness and safety.

Benefits Counseling

Do you receive Social Security benefits?  Would you like to find out how income from work will affect your benefits? What do you need to know when reporting income to Social Security? Did you know there are special rules that may allow you to keep your health insurance through Medical Assistance (MA) when you are working, or if you stop working you may be able to get right back on benefits? A comprehensive benefits analysis can help answer these questions and others.

Benefits counseling is designed to allow consumers to make realistic and knowledgeable choices regarding the benefits they receive and the impact on those benefits as they pursue their goal of employment. The consumer will gain a clear picture of the effect employment will have on their benefits, such as Social Security, SSI, Medicaid, food stamps and housing assistance. In addition, the Benefits Counselor can assist individuals in utilizing Social Security Work Incentives such as a Plan to Achieve Self Sufficiency (PASS) and Impairment Related Work Expenses (IRWE). A written summary of findings will be provided upon completion.

To request accessible information, contact info@northcountryil.org